About Us

CMS is your partner in reaching your goals of adequate medical staffing at your facilities.

Our mission at Capital Medical Staffing is to connect highly skilled, dependable, and knowledgeable nursing staff with medical facilities. At Capital Medical Staffing, we bring together professionals of all disciplines who are committed to quality care and excellence with facilities in need of professional staff. Our culture at Capital Medical Staffing is based on staff who are comprised of professionalism, knowledge, dependability, compassion, and high ethical standards.

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About the Company

Capital Medical Staffing offers professional medical staffing to all medical facilities throughout the United States. Our staffing specialist will assist your facility with all your staffing needs. Together, we will reach our goal of quality care while maintaining continuity of care. All staff at CMS are required to go through rigorous hiring process – Background checks, drug screens, verification of licensure, nurse competency testing in their specialty areas, experience check list, reference checks, I-9 verification, and employment history.

We also provide opportunities for highly skilled, reliable, and competent medical staff to advance their career in the healthcare industry by matching them with suitable medical facilities.

Capital Medical Staffing supplements nursing staff and offers opportunities for applicants to work at hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, home care agencies, rehabilitation centers, and other state facilities that are in need of Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Personal Care Aides (PCA), Home Health Aides (HHA), and qualified Sitters

About the Owners

Capital Medical Staffing is a company owned by two friends who met in college. One has a vast experience in all aspects of the medical field while the other maintains a highly rated business venture. Both owners have more than 30 years’ experience each in their respective fields.

Do you want to know more about our staffing services? Kindly contact us through our hotline or send us a message.